Having screwed the local dockyard in a city in which they had only just achieved a Westminster toehold, the Tories hit upon an excellent wheeze: create a ‘minister for Portsmouth’ to mollify the locals. But it’s all unravelling just ten months in — with Tory Matt Hancock accused of being ineffectual and his office of, errr, not knowing the […]

Having already reached a financial settlement, including legal costs, with the vulnerable constituent with whom he pursued a sexual relationship, disgraced Mike Hancock could yet be handed another bill — for £150,000. The figure is the rumoured cost of investigations into his conduct by Portsmouth City Council, for which he was a councillor until defenestrated […]

Less than 200 of 650 seats have a Lib Dem candidate Party needs to run two selections per day to fill them “Last minute parachuting” of candidates required From the latest edition of Liberator Magazine: It’s not all bad news on the selection front, however. In Portsmouth South the party have chosen as a candidate […]

A top Liberal Democrat boasted that Nick Clegg had offered Mike Hancock the “best deal possible” by allowing him to remain a full member of Portsmouth Lib Dems — despite growing evidence that he sexually exploited a vulnerable constituent, an exiled party member has claimed. Portsmouth councillor Eleanor Scott, who quit the party over the Hancock scandal and […]

The Conservatives plan to divert millions of pounds earmarked to help deprived communities to fund a Conservative-supporting yachtsman’s sporting ambitions — and help them unseat disgraced Lib Dem Mike Hancock in the process. The Regional Growth Fund was set up to help small businesses but £7.5m will now be used to build a Portsmouth base for Sir Ben Ainslie to compete […]

Having ignored concrete evidence that Portsmouth Lib Dems were helping Mike Hancock’s campaign even after his behaviour was exposed, Nick Clegg and party president Tim Farron have finally stuck their heads above the parapet — promising a “review” which will examine “inappropriate behaviour” as well as wider allegations of bullying under the now deposed Lib Dem regime on […]