David Cameron was reprimanded by the Speaker during PMQs this afternoon — after calling Ed Balls a “muttering idiot”. “… using our hard-won credibility, which we wouldn’t have if we listened to the muttering idiot sitting opposite me.” Marking the return of his Flashman tendency, opprobrium heaped on Cameron has been greater as Ed Balls suffers […]

A “Doncaster” doctor used by David Cameron to promote his health reforms yesterday has quit his commissioning group and doesn’t even live in Doncaster. The prime minister attempted to embarrass Miliband at PMQs by quoting a medical worker supposedly from his own constituency: Speaking as acting chairman of the Doncaster pathfinder CCG he said this: […]

During the summer of 2008, I spent a generally tedious four months working in a GP’s surgery in suburban Manchester. The time passed slowly, enlivened only by an extraordinary incident, which (despite desperate experimentation with a variety of psychoactive drugs) remains fixed in the memory. The consultation appeared to be routine for the time of […]

“It’s still on their website”, teased Ed Miliband as he asked David Cameron how the Tory objective of capping bonuses at £2,000 for public-owned banks was progressing. The Prime Minister previously accused Gordon Brown of “dithering” for failing to get to grips with the issue. Scrapbook has grabbed a copy before it can be disappeared […]

“Brown and Cameron clash at PMQs”. The video that you have requested has not had a rating provided by the content owner and may not be appropriate for younger audiences. To view this video, please verify that you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up. Contains scenes of gratuitous Tory smugness.