The mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne wrote a valedictory column in the final edition of the News of the World. The piece gushed about her “trusted friends” on the paper — but she has now been informed that hackers targeted her voicemails on a phone given to her by editor Rebekah Brooks. Under the headline […]

Back in October, Tom Watson sent a letter to the Prime Minister ahead of the Dispatches report ‘Tabloids, Tories and Phone Hacking’, questioning Andy Coulson’s continued employment at Number 10: “If a government minister were to be the subject of similar allegations, they would be forced to stand down immediately while an investigation is carried […]

Are you lacking in specific knowledge on a particular subject? Are your search results unconvincing? News Corporation are here to help.  It’s not just the Culture Media & Sport select committee who get to question Rupert – simply visit AskMurdoch, and you too can get answers from the Dirty Digger himself. We’ll be working hard […]

A survey for Press Gazette shows the extent of reputational damage to other News International papers, with up to 15% of the public less likely to buy Murdoch titles because of hacking at the News of the World. The poll also suggests implications for the print media at large, with 21% of respondents saying they were […]

As the News International contagion spreads, Michael Gove has been conspicuously silent about his links to the Murdoch empire, including a £60,000+ annual contract and his close relationship with the man now charged with mopping up the scandal. A journalist by trade, Gove held a highly lucrative weekly columnist for The Times until 11 January 2010. Stangely, […]

Accused over their front-page splash revealing confidential details on the health of Gordon Brown’s disabled son, The Sun has resorted to invoking its relationship with a charity in a desperate bid to stem the backlash. But a source from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has described allusions to a formal relationship as “misleading”. Yesterday, Brown spoke […]