Philip Hammond is not known for his diplomacy. For example, most MPs who were caught claiming massive amounts of dosh on expenses for things like unnecessary second homes (and in Hammond’s case teaspoon collections) immediately apologised profusely to taxpayers and offered to pay the money back. Not, however, boorish multi-millionaire Hammond – who was so oblivious to public […]

A £250,000 Tory donor has poured petrol on the still glowing embers of the cash-for-access scandal — by comparing government ministers to housewives receiving money from their husbands. John Griffin, owner of London’s Addison Lee taxi company, met then transport secretary Phillip Hammond to lobby him on privatising the car pool used by ministers and […]

Flanked by the painful mixed metaphor of the “green” Tory tree logo superimposed by M25 gridlock (above), it seems Philip Hammond’s anecdotes about Ford Anglias were less than succesful in prising the faithful from the Midland Hotel bar. Such was the attendance for the transport keynote that Tory spinners resorted to treating journalists as room […]