Hopes of blocking landlords from evicting tenants who complain about problems in their home were dashed today — after a Tory MP used an hour-long speech to ‘talk out’ the Tenancies (Reform) Bill. Protections against retaliatory eviction now stand little chance of becoming law, despite enjoying cross-party and government support. As declared in the debate, the register […]

How can an MP avoid declaring an interest before their particularly ill-tempered debate interventions on behalf of the tobacco industry? When they’ve given those free hospitality tickets to a member of their staff! Parliamentary registers reveal corporate tickets to Kings of Leon and Girls Aloud, receptions and a dinner and viewings at the Royal Academy were given to one […]

Conservative MPs are pictured delivering an immigration petition to Downing Street on the front of the Daily Express this morning. Not only are they all white — but census statistics reveals that the Little Englanders’ constituencies have HALF the immigration of the rest of their nation. The 2011 census shows that 8.3% of people in England are non-British, […]

A grateful constituent has included a local Tory MP in their will — and what more appropriate gift for right-winger Philip Davies than a book signed by, errr, Enoch “rivers of blood” Powell. Modest Davies revealed the bequest in a compilation of praise for himself distributed in his West Yorkshire constituency and seen Scrapbook: “I have decided to […]

While Tory MP Philip Davies recently hit the headlines for suggesting that disabled people shouldn’t be entitled to the minimum wage, Scrapbook readers may recall his bizarre campaign against “political correctness”, in which he bombarded the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission with a series of childish letters on discrimination, asking facetious questions such as “why […]