With the majority of Liberal Democrat politicians braced for impact on May 5th it appears some can still afford to be sanguine. Rumours abound that two of the Liberal Democrats’ most prominent losers of the last year are to be given peerages by Nick Clegg. With his minority administration on Sheffield City Council teetering on the brink, Paul Scriven […]

The politics of Greater Manchester were shaken to their very foundations this week with the distribution of shocking new material by the Liberal Democrats in Oldham East. As campaigning gets underway in the wake of Phil Woolas’ ejection from parliament, the “Fib Dems” have performed a complete volte-face from previous policy on flyer production by delivering a leaflet […]

Those independent bloggers will publish any old muck (just ask Nick Robinson or Andew Marr). So for a reliable, double-sourced take on developments in the Phil Woolas saga, Scrapbook headed to the Financial Times, where their Westminster Blog reports on the “mutiny” that took place during Monday’s regular meeting of the PLP: I’m told there was “real […]

There’s no question that the contest in Oldham East and Saddleworth was one of the toughest (and roughest) of the 2010 election. Indeed, a special election court will sit in Oldham on 13 September to adjudicate over Phil Woolas’ victory, which has been legally challenged by his Lib Dem opponent, who alleges the Labour campaign materials “contained […]