The silly season silliness continues apace. Three days after Scrapbook noted Peter Mandelson’s bronzed red complexion post-Corfu, The Sun is in there with “Tango Mango”!  The Guardian followed up with a brilliant run-down of “politicians who know when they’ve been Tangoed”.  Try and guess who wins (it isn’t the First Secretary of State). Anyone would […]

Peter Mandelson might be able to run the country via Blackberry from Corfu but his technique for applying sun cream leaves a lot to be desired on the basis of his red face/white eyes appearance on News at Noon: The Torygraph even has a delightful run down of his snappy ‘returning from holiday’ ensemble: Accompanied […]

UPDATE: PS now wondering about the appropriateness of a cat/mouse metaphor for Gordon and Mandy in that order. Perhaps the other way around? While Scrapbook was counting the ways in which Lembit Opik is a complete and utter **** (pick your own expletive) it transpired that our First Secretary of State doesn’t plan to waste […]