Labour grandee Peter Mandelson famously remarked that he was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich as long as they pay their taxes”. But the peer took to Newsnight to claim that one proposed levy — namely Ed Balls’ Mansion Tax — would amount to “clobbering people”: “We don’t have an efficient system of taxing property in Britain. I don’t happen to […]

News this morning that Adam Smith, the special advisor at the centre of Huntgate (watch your spoonerisms there), will be appearing at the Leveson Inquiry next Thursday afternoon. He will take the stand immediately after News Corporation Europe’s former public affairs boss Frederic Michel, whose communications with Jeremy Hunt’s office hold the key to the […]

There’s nothing like a glass of champers to kindle the flame of bipartisanship.  By all accounts many were consumed at the Spectator Awards yesterday evening, where winners included Caroline Lucas (“newcomer”), Tom Watson (“inquisitor”) and Gisela Stuart (“Survivor of the Year”). Here “Parliamentarian of the Year” Ed Balls receives congratulations from across the aisle: With their past […]

The Liberal Democrats’ very own court jester Lembit Opik was temporarily refused entry to their party conference this evening, according to Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz and Guido Fawkes. Delegates reported the former Montgomeryshire MP attempted the “don’t you know who I am” routine to unimpressed guards: “If he hasn’t got the paperwork he hasn’t got the […]

Lord Mandelson probably wouldn’t expect to be supported in anything by John Prescott. However beyond the former DPM prominent figures from Labour’s past and present have been lining up to denounce Mandy’s memoir. However the Noble and Learned Gentleman today received support from an unusual ally, one George Galloway. In his regular column for Scotland’s […]

UPDATE: Tweetminster have now uploaded the documents, all linked below. Mandelson was on very good form depsite illness cutting short an interview with The Guardian yesterday. “This chat is on the record. But whatever you do …”, he said darkly as the assembled bloggers half-expected a Mandelson threat of New Labour folklore, “please link to […]

Peter Mandelson is to provide political bloggers with exclusive access to archive source material used for his book The Third Man. Those attending a breakfast briefing this Friday will be provided with copies of the documents under a Creative Commons license. These will only be offered to other media after a period of three days. A […]

As an impoverished blogger, Scrapbook takes some small comfort from the fact that even (former city trader) Guido Fawkes was outbid on this copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince signed by Peter Mandelson. The charity auction is now up to £380: Could probably stretch to £10 for Brant’s The Ship Of Fools signed by the Tory […]