Conservative MPs are pictured delivering an immigration petition to Downing Street on the front of the Daily Express this morning. Not only are they all white — but census statistics reveals that the Little Englanders’ constituencies have HALF the immigration of the rest of their nation. The 2011 census shows that 8.3% of people in England are non-British, […]

The Human Trafficking All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has become the latest such body to become the territory of a fierce party political turf war. Having tied 78 to 78 in a vote for the chairman of the group on 2 July, Labour backbencher Fiona Mactaggart has today fought a grudge rematch with right-wing Tory nutjob Peter […]

Of all the bonkers measures tabled in parliament by a “Tory Taliban” of right-wing backbenchers, perhaps the most disturbing is one which would promote sexual harassment by severely curtailing the rights of victims. The “Sexual Impropriety in Employment Bill” would remove rights of redress for victims — unless the matter was a criminal offence and they […]