Bell Pottinger have threatened an African woman’s group with legal action for linking them with the government of the DRC. Following a protest outside their offices, the PR group has released a statement claiming attempting to distance themselves from the regime of Joseph Kabila: “Bell Pottinger does not work for President Kabila; for the government […]

The Independent have, to use the vernacular, torn lobbyists Bell Pottinger a new one this morning with a hidden camera laying bare their pitch to undercover journalists. Posing as representatives of Uzbek president Islam Karimov, whose repertoire includes boiling his political opponents alive, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism recorded the spinners’ boasts of access to […]

The Labour Party has inflicted some some pretty impressive wounds on itself over the last three years but it is clear now that these are eclipsed by the Ashcroft saga. If Scrapbook was a Conservative activist he would be spitting feathers and it seems one of their number finally lost patience this week, causing a […]