Yorkshire First weren’t kidding when they say “We want to give as many people the opportunity to vote for change with Yorkshire First”. Indeed, the regionalist party — who are demanding a ‘Yorkshire Parliament’ — are standing in locations such as Hull, Leeds, Shipley, Colne Valley and, errrr, Cities of London and Westminster. As Wesminster hopeful […]

Party political broadcasts of all persuasions are bursting at the seams with curiously on-message ‘ordinary members of the public’. The Tories’ latest offering is no exception, with talking heads expounding Conservative lines on the deficit, immigration and the cost of living. But why are they all glancing towards the floor? Thankfully, the bloke in the Denace the […]

UPDATE: Their channel is now restored, although they have disabled embedding for their copy of Clegg’s “it’s time for promises to be kept” video (view below). Those interested in further video comedy may enjoy Energy Secretary Chris Huhne saying “No to Nuclear”! The official YouTube channel of the Liberal Democrats is currently suspended, owing to “multiple […]

A somewhat original advert by the Young Socialists in Catalonia has caused something of a stir in the region. The advert, depicting a young woman reaching climax as she casts her vote in the upcoming regional elections, has been criticised by politicians from all parts of the political spectrum for being “crude” and attacking the […]

Above is a still from Labour’s latest Party Election Broadcast, A Nightmare On Your Street. The film is currently available at www.labour.org.uk/nightmare and will be broadcast in England today 17:55 (BBC2), 18:25 (ITV1), 18:55 (BBC1), 19:25 (five) and 19:55 (Channel 4). Nine million people are expected to see the broadcast on the terrestrial channels, which depicts […]

A grassroots campaign by Labour activist and prolific tweeter Ellie Gellard (@BevaniteEllie) has left a short video produced for Labour conference in Brighton poised to be selected as the party’s next official political broadcast. Scrapbook has heard whispers that the TV debut of “Against The Odds”, which utilises archival footage of the party’s role in social and political change, […]