It has emerged overnight that Cameron has brought in advertising agency M&C Saatchi to steady the wobbles in its communications strategy. The official line is that Euro RSCG is not being  sacked and retaining its status as lead agency. Scrapbook can exclusively reveal that Andy Coulson approached M&C Saatchi in January shortly after airbrush-gate saw the Tories’ […]

CCHQ must be nursing the political equivalent of a red wine hangover. After a botched launch of their “Broken Britain” report (decimal points not included) segued seamlessly into another round of poster pisstakes this week, Conservatives awake this morning to the news that a YouGov poll puts them just 7 points ahead of Labour and 20 seats […]

Tim Montgomerie wrote on Sunday that the Tories were about to “unveil three posters featuring three Labour supporters who now back the Conservatives (that will make them hard to deface!)”. Wrong – and we’ve even got a video this time! The left have had great fun mocking Conservative Party posters but this should not be […]

While Scrapbook doesn’t share the class-war sympathies of the angry young man/woman expressed above, the majority of Cameron poster sites this blogger is familiar with now have graffiti on them. With an online assault led by now penetrating the mainstream with 33 pages of spoofs on MumsNet, has this early-doors ad spend eclipsed Are you thinking what we’re […]

Expect a veritable torrent of poster spoofs (from all sides) in between now and May. have set the bar very high with their mixture of home-grown and reader submitted material. Here are Scrapbook’s choice picks: Those of a creative bent can try their hand with this template (the font is Franklin Gothic Demi). More over at […]

David Cameron has expressed his joy at being reunited with his long-lost (younger and better looking) brother. Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, the Tory leader commented: “One minute I was stalking Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell on Facebook and the next I was shocked to discover the profile of my younger brother. It’s been wonderful catching up […]