After their what-the-hell-are-we-doing management of dropping Page 3 — featuring a senior staff member apologising for sending a picture of boobs to the deputy leader of the opposition — The Sun looks to have gone a whole week without ladies’ nipples. Excluding Tuesday’s Sunifesto edition, every day had some attempt at ‘totty’ but the bare breasts were gone. The public relations […]

The Sun has quietly dropped its topless Page 3 models — bringing an end to the newspaper’s oftentimes vile campaign against its opponents. In perhaps the most notorious exchange, ex-MP Clare Short was branded “fat and jealous” in an editorial and article which photoshopped her face onto a naked young woman: “PAGE THREE girls say their arch-critic Clare Short is […]

With The Sun attempting to yoke their outdated Page 3 feature to a breast cancer charity — and urging women to tweet pictures of themselves grabbing their breasts — it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that the paper was using the Coppa Feel campaign as political cover. Scrapbook was more than happy to take flack for pointing this […]

Page 3 moved to page 1 ‘in name of cancer prevention’ Women told: tweet pictures grabbing your breasts Material actually aimed at women comes after page 31 The spectre of breast cancer and the Sun’s attempts to defend Page 3 come crashing together this morning — with the “family newspaper” attempting to link the outdated ‘feature’ with a […]