Kudos to climate journalist Edward King, who spotted that Owen Paterson’s ‘abandon climate targets’ speech was actually written by Matt Ridley (5th Viscount Ridley to you): Looks like Owen Paterson can't claim credit for tonight's @GWPF speech – it was written by Matt Ridley… pic.twitter.com/KesJkMAqgj — Edward King (@rtcc_edking) October 15, 2014 The fact that Britain had […]

Do the Conservative establishment Bow Group know something that the press doesn’t? The Tories’ oldest think tank have published a research paper predicated on the fact the DEFRA secretary’s demise: “In the forthcoming Cabinet reshuffle, Owen Paterson’s replacement with the DEFRA brief should move the language and policy of [bovine tuberculosis] on in a way that will […]

Yesterday, in what might be the year’s most laughable excuse for policy failure, Owen Paterson blamed the need to extend the badger cull on…the badgers themselves. Apparently they “moved the goalposts”. Watch… So, obviously the internet rallied around to do what it does best – make government ministers look even more dumb than they already […]

It took David Cameron three years, four months and 16 days from telling DECC civil servants that the coalition would be the “greenest government ever” to his  secretary of state for environment, Owen Paterson, speaking about the upsides of climate change: “Remember that for humans, the biggest cause of death is cold in winter, far bigger than […]

While Orange Book-er David Laws is highly rated by David Cameron and George Osborne, it seems not all Tories are pleased to see him return to government. Writing on his website, South Dorset MP Richard Drax moans: “He intentionally broke the rules on expenses and rightly resigned only a few days into the Coalition Government. He should have […]

The architect of the Conservative Party’s alliance with the Ulster Unionist Party has been sacked for abusing his position in return for sexual favours. As head of policy for the UUP Brian Crowe worked closely with CCHQ and Tory front benchers to develop the controversial link between the two parties. The Belfast Telegraph reports: The Ulster […]