The British National Party’s candidate in the Oldham East by-election was ejected from a hustings by police as organisers abused Conservative Kashif Ali as a “fat p*ki”, Scrapbook can reveal. The BNP had not been invited to the hustings organised by Delph Community Association, but their candidate Derek Adams still sat in one of the seats […]

Sayeeda Warsi has called for a “clean campaign” in the upcoming Oldham East by-election. Signing a pledge (not that this has been problematic recently) with candidate Kashif Ali, the Conservative Party chairman said: “After everything that’s happened in Oldham East and Saddleworth, the last thing we need now is underhand behaviour in our election campaign.” […]

Despite their leader apparently throwing himself into the running on 3 December, the British National Party currently have no official candidate for the Oldham East by-election, Scrapbook can confirm. With the deadline for nominations looming this Thursday, the party is claiming their contender will be announced at a press conference expected to be held later today. […]

Following the the lead of Jonathan Isaby, Scrapbook has been looking back through electoral archives. In moving the by-election for 13 January, the Liberal Democrats have made the Oldham East and Saddleworth contest the the earliest by-election in the last 55 years and the fifth earliest since the end of World War I. The six earliest elections since […]

Moving the writ for the Oldham East by-election this afternoon, the Liberal Democrats have selected a date when “hundreds” of students will be away from the constituency. Students at Huddersfield University’s campus in the town will return for teaching on 17th January, several days after voters will go to the polls on 13th January. Candidate […]

The politics of Greater Manchester were shaken to their very foundations this week with the distribution of shocking new material by the Liberal Democrats in Oldham East. As campaigning gets underway in the wake of Phil Woolas’ ejection from parliament, the “Fib Dems” have performed a complete volte-face from previous policy on flyer production by delivering a leaflet […]