As suspected, the claim in this morning’s Sun that can people can obtain “restaurant tokens” from food banks turns out to be borderline lies. An informed source told Scrapbook: “It’s simply not Trussell Trust policy to supply restaurant tokens. It’s possible that a handful of food banks may have partnered with soup kitchens or social enterprises to offer something along […]

Those April Fools articles below: Guardian: Independent Scotland to switch to driving on the right The Sun: Queen to drill for shale gas at Buckingham Palace The Sun: Government plans ‘new department for the working class’ Mirror: Kim Jong-Un has banned One Direction from North Korea Daily Mail: Union Jack makeover prepares for Scots independence […]

Conservative MPs are pictured delivering an immigration petition to Downing Street on the front of the Daily Express this morning. Not only are they all white — but census statistics reveals that the Little Englanders’ constituencies have HALF the immigration of the rest of their nation. The 2011 census shows that 8.3% of people in England are non-British, […]

New proposals on income tax naturally dominated early exchanges between Nick Clegg and journalists at his monthly press conference, after which hacks asked about Scottish independence, those big bad horrible trade unions, the Bedroom Tax, UKIP, Royal Mail privatisation and taxes on foreign nationals buying UK property. Despite the ‘new expenses scandal’, including manifold outstanding questions regarding […]

Having launched a fundraising appeal in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan last Thursday, The Sun is certainly enjoying basking in the reflected glory of its readers’ generosity, photos of Cameron and Clegg texting to donate (below) and quotes sourced from celebrities’ PRs telling them how wonderful they are. What a pity the newspaper spends the rest […]

After party chairman Grant Shapps attempted to intimidate the BBC ahead of the Coulson/Brooks hacking trial at the weekend, the CCHQ press office have attempted to bully an individual journalists by smearing them. Deputy head of press Ric Holden (@RicHolden) has taken to Twitter to berate Metro hack Joel Taylor (@JoelTaylorMetro), falsely accusing him of being a paid-up […]

An astonishing lack of self awareness is demonstrated in a promotional campaign from Newsworks, a marketing body owned by the main national newspapers. Under the strapline “A light in the darkness” are listed supposed examples of outstanding journalism including the Hillsborough disaster and phone hacking — events which are held as, errr, exemplars of untruthfulness and criminality on the […]

Showing a remarkable determination to become a satire of itself, today’s Daily Mail reckons that women doctors are a liability to the NHS: “reports have found hospitals are facing staff shortages as a result of junior doctors becoming pregnant as soon as they receive their first secure job.” “The new figures are likely to fuel fears […]