Outgoing NUS president Aaron Porter aborted a bid to run for parliament in the face of fierce opposition from student colleagues and union staffers, Political Scrapbook can reveal. On 13 March as speculation mounted that he would enter the Labour Party’s selection for the Leicester South by-election, the student leader tweeted to reassure observers he would […]

Long held as a demographic with a predilection for the surreal, a group of students are seeking one hundred candidates to run for NUS president as part of a so-called “Confusion Slate”. With each hopeful given a set period in which to address delegates, they claim that total allotted speaking time would run to nearly twelve hours. The group […]

As if the threat of airborne fire extinguishers were not enough, a solitary protester took his life in his hands on Wedesday as he marched brandishing … a “Lib Dems Against Fees” placard! Sporting the kind of beard not seen since Bournemouth conference in 2009, perhaps our protagonist had escaped from some kind of Liberal Democrat institution. Give this […]

What you didn’t see on Sky News’ near-hysterical coverage yesterday: the preponderance of genuine (and peaceful) student protesters at Millbank Tower booing the idiot who had just thrown threw a fire extinguisher from the top of the building. The assembled mass then break out into a chorus shouting: “Stop throwing sh**! Stop throwing sh**!” – […]