Kim Jong-un — who succeeded his deceased father Kim Jong-il as the leader of North Korea last December — has a new theme song called “Onwards Toward the Final Victory.” The patriotic ditty already seems to have worked wonders for the Korean Peninsula’s most eligible bachelor. The young despot has recently been sighted with a mystery woman.

Many readers will be aware that Twitter, having captured the pop culture zeitgeist some time ago, now finds itself a tool of international diplomacy. The @uriminzok account is run by North Korean propaganda agency “The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea”. As we played truant during GCSE Korean, Scrapbook bored quickly of impenetrable Facebook notes but a whole world of video comedy […]

A former president’s unofficial holiday to the Korean peninsula has generated some highly amusing snaps. Front row below (from left to right) William Jefferson Clinton (6 feet 1 inches) and Kim Jong-Il (5 feet 3 inches): The camera angle makes it difficult to see if the Dear Leader is wearing his platform shoes again. But […]