Thatcher fanboy Norman Tebbit is his usual charming self while discussing efforts to make the senior civil service less male dominated: “Who would feel safer if just before take-off the pilot of the airliner told the passengers that she had been promoted to command because they needed more transsexual Muslim captains to meet the airline’s […]

Citing “interventions in the media in recent days”, anti-Apartheid campaigner Peter Hain stuck it to revisionist Tories in the Commons this afternoon: “I give credit to the prime minister for apologising for his party’s record of what I have to describe as craven indulgence towards Apartheid’s rulers.” “But it really does stick in the craw when […]

Tory curmudgeon Norman Tebbit has told the Politics Show that Conservative activists should be free to campaign against speaker John Bercow in Buckhingham. Numerous opponents are expected to join the fray despite convention that the speaker stands as an independent candidate unopposed by other parties. Tebbit has already rankled Tory high command with his coded endorsement for UKIP in the 2009 […]

No, seriously. Really, just look at the screen grab below. Oh, all right then bloody well go and look for yourself if you don’t believe me. Eurosceptic loose-cannon-at-large Norman Tebbit has joined fellow troublemaker Daniel Hannan with his own blog over at the Telegraph (RSS feed here). And it takes him precisely 118 words to […]

The #torynutjobs tag appears to be gaining traction on Twitter, the general idea being suggestions for Tory cabinet appointments: Norman Tebbit as minister for cycling Andrew Lloyd Webber at the DfCMS Fatty Soames in Agriculture, Fisheries and (most importantly) Food. Scrapbook predicts plenty more Labour gallows humour on Twitter in the run up to May […]