Observers were quick to question how well Nigel Evans’ complaints about the bill for his defence sat with his admission that he “might well” have voted for the government’s cuts to Legal Aid if he were not deputy speaker at the time. Indeed. The former deputy speakers’ website reveals he was lobbied by a number of local […]

listen to ‘Nigel Evans on his acquittal’ on Audioboo A Channel 4 News report broadcast in the wake of Nigel Evans’ acquittal revealed that a third of parliamentary aides claimed to have been sexually harassed — victims of a Westminster culture which allegedly turns a blind eye to MPs making drunken passes at young staff. But breaking his silence […]

With Tory Nigel Evans charged with sexual offences against seven men, party campaigners will have maintained a keen interest in the possibility of a by-election in Ribble Valley since his initial arrest in May. But as the only credible challengers in the event of a conviction for the (now former) deputy speaker, the UKIP operation in the seat […]

Last week’s own goal in which a council leader remarked that the Conservative shadow cabinet “haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery” has renewed the promotion hopes of one Tory backbencher. Positions within licensed industry bodies have raised the prospect of a return to the front bench for former shadow Welsh secretary Nigel Evans. Speaking exclusively to […]

Tory minnow Nigel Evans MP has been happy to hide in the shadow of frontbencher Alan Duncan in the wake of their unguarded comments on expenses. What an opportune moment to revisit Evans’ pious remarks on the expenses scandal, which were posted on his parliamentary website: Even though I was the 570th lowest spending MP […]