Edging Labour by just a singe point in Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polling from January, government minister and serial fibber Simon Hughes seems to have hit upon a novel way to maximise the political utility of old campaign signs — painting over the bit which mentions the Lib Dems! Spot the Difference! Before, "Simon Hughes & the Liberal Democrats". […]

The Scottish Government’s independence white paper — launched at a press conference with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon earlier — gets to grips with the really big issues … namely being able to watch Brucie on Strictly. A partnership between a license fee-funded Scottish broadcaster and the BBC, which would ensure that: “Current programming like EastEnders, Doctor Who, and Strictly […]

Despite promising results in the rest of the UK there’s no denying that Labour’s showing in Scotland was an unmitigated disaster. Now begins a lengthy post mortem as well as the process of electing a new leader. With Iain Gray’s presumptive successor Andy Kerr, as well as fellow big-hitters Pauline McNeill and David Whitton all losing […]

Glasgow University’s Masters Degree in Political Communication is very highly regarded indeed. Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon would have done well to send someone from her office back to her alma mater to enroll in this course. Ms. Sturgeon’s brand-spanking new website which she proudly boasted about yesterday devotes a whole page to some […]