Having addressed a gathering of far-right extremists in Germany, The BNP is boasting — without a shred of irony — about footage of Nick Griffin being syndicated in Iran: “Despite the ruthless censorship efforts of the BBC and Murdoch’s Sky, more and more political reality is leaking out through the Web.” “The [Ruptly news agency] covered […]

It looks like North West MEP Nick Griffin has given up pretending to be anything other than a swivel-eyed fascist: #LennyHenry wanted more black people on TV. So they put on Crimewatch. #carefulwhatyouwishfor — Nick Griffin (@nickjgriffinbnp) March 19, 2014 It’s not Lenny Henry who used to mate around with far-right paramilitaries or have had a convicted nailbomber on […]

The BNP’s European election campaign looks to be lurching from financial uncertainty to almost guaranteed disaster — with the party forced to advertise for candidates barely two months away from the poll. That the BNP is incapable of mustering a full ‘regional list’ of candidates behind-the-scenes, and is resorting to a public appeal is surely a new low for […]

BNP führer and soon to be former MEP for the North West, Nick Griffin, is currently running a competition to name an imaginary pet bulldog: Mouth-breathing supporters on the BNP’s Facebook page are backing “Winston” (Churchill) for the dog’s name with 64 mentions, while “Enoch” (Powell) and (Lee) “Rigby” are also in the running. But Scrapbook has a […]

The BNP don’t hate all immigrants — especially if they’re an English expatriate living in Spain who plans to bequeath the party nearly £400,000 from an offshore investment fund. Northumbria born Joseph Robson wrote Nick Griffin’s merry men into his will while effectively disenfranchising his children. When the 81 year-old Alicante resident popped his clogs in 2010, […]

BNP leader Nick Griffin is taking 50 far-right supporters on a Christmas shopping trip to Strasbourg in December — using funding from the European Parliament. The move comes despite his foaming rhetoric against Europe and its institutions, which Griffin has repeatedly castigated for their “corruption and waste”. While the two-night excursion leverages funding which is available to […]

The above image shows an an actual article from the BNP’s official website asking whether fascist buffoon Nick Griffin will be given the Nobel Peace Prize — before comparing him with Saint Paul! With Griffin having purged the party of opponents, he appears to have surrounded himself with people who will believe the following tripe regarding his repeated […]

  The fantasy that Nick Griffin somehow influenced the international community over military action in Syria has been repeatedly expounded by the BNP since his visit to the country at the end of August — but receives its most egotistical treatment yet in the party’s latest email to supporters. Far-right sympathisers are told that the “BNPeace” mission saw “our […]