Hypocrite Tory leads the charge to demonise claimants But ignores questions about his own family’s claims Pocketed £6,000 expenses to heat stable on estate Stand-in Newsnight anchor Victoria Derbyshire turned the tables on a Tory MP behind the demonisation of welfare claimants — by asking him about his own family’s struggles while on benefits. Nadhim Zahawi — now […]

The row over Tory cronies in taxpayer-backed positions look set to intensify after it emerges the boss of the government’s coding education initiative cannot code — or even give a decent explanation of what is involved. Figures behind the scheme include Michael Gove, who is at the centre of the furore over Conservative placemen in Whitehall […]

Hypocrite Nick Clegg has accused Jeremy Paxman of “sneering” at politics — having run scared of an interview with the Newsnight anchor for his entire term as Deputy Prime Minister. The last televised exchange between the pair took place before the general election on 13 April 2010 — 28 days before he entered government. He told listeners to […]