While revelations around phone hacking have furrowed brows throughout the establishment, the latest revelations truly merit the appellation of “shocking”. An investigation by the Guardian has revealed that The News Of The World hacked into the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and deleted messages — leading friends and relatives to believe she was still alive. And who […]

In yesterday’s News of the World they reported, apprently without irony, that authorities at Belmarsh prison have banned inmates from putting up pictures of topless women. The story is hidden behind their pay wall, but Scrapbook were kind enough to delve there so you don’t have to. Having done a little digging Scrapbook discovered that the […]

A senior editor described as “very close” to News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has been suspended by the News Of The World. It is thought Ian Edmondson was given his marching orders from Wapping owing to two key phone hacking cases, those of actress Sienna Miller and Nicola Phillips, assistant to celebrity publicist Max Clifford. Edmondson, […]

Lanarkshire politics has often been described as “hairy arsed” with most political careers filled with spectacular highs and lows. In that spirit former MSP Tommy Sheridan really has suffered the most remarkable fall from grace. Having made a name for himself campaigning against the poll tax Sheridan got himself elected first to Glasgow City Council […]

Benedict Brogan is among many to have observed, in relation to the growing rancour around Andy Coulson, that there is a big difference between investigative journalism and the hard, on-the-public-record evidence required for a prosecution: “Nothing we have read or heard since the NYT published its report suggests there is enough new material to justify […]

David Cameron’s Director of Communications, former News Of The World editor Andy Coulson, is in a lot of trouble. Fourteen months since his selective amnesia in a parliamentary select committee, The New York Times seem to have the £140k/year spin doctor bang to rights. Below are the key sections from their exhaustive 6,000-word investigation: [More than a […]

A day after David Cameron’s communications director appeared in front of the DCMS Select Committee, the blogosphere is focusing firmly on Andy Coulson’s evasions and what we didn’t learn. Media Blog rightly observes that there was little to emerge other than lawyer-approved rhetoric: For Coulson, the balancing act was a tricky one, trying on one […]