News Corporation has been exposed as a member of a controversial lobby group linked to attempts to weaken laws on the bribery of British police officers. The corporation is a full member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), home to numerous corporations campaigning against the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — under which the […]

Claims rival TV system hacked by Murdoch company James Murdoch was non-executive director Piracy led to demise of British rival ITV Digital While The Guardian published the claims of TV smartcard hacking last September, Panorama has a former TV pirate on record pointing the finger at News Corporation. Lee Gibling, who ran a hacking website, […]

Given remarks to the Wall Street Journal and ABC News this week, Scrapbook cannot resist speculating around the first draft of Rupert Murdoch’s apology letter. Each sentence in the note below is constructed using near-exact quotations from Murdoch: With the gulf between Murdoch’s pronouncements this week and the contents of today’s advert, PR spinners Edelman must have had their […]