Top Oxford Tory claims Mandela is ‘terrorist’ hours after he died Jeff Vinall says his offensive Facebook status is copyrighted Issues legal ‘take-down notice’ to our web hosting company Whole Scrapbook site could be taken offline unless we comply The director of communications for Oxford University Tories is abusing copyright law to gag Political Scrapbook from reporting an […]

THIS POST HAS BEEN CENSORED FOLLOWING LEGAL ACTION BY JEFF VINALL. SEE THIS POST FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) continues to stake its claim as the exemplar of the ‘Nasty Party’ — with its director of communications branding Nelson Mandela a terrorist a day after he died. Brasenose College Law student Jeff Vinall made the remarks on […]

After Scrapbook published details of a Tory MP’s High Court legal action to block an honour for Nelson Mandela, Bob Blackman responds by telling Twitter he is “proud” of himself: With the move to award Mandela the ‘freedom of the borough’ backed by both Labour and Liberal Democrat groups in Brent, Blackman has a brass neck attempting […]

Citing “interventions in the media in recent days”, anti-Apartheid campaigner Peter Hain stuck it to revisionist Tories in the Commons this afternoon: “I give credit to the prime minister for apologising for his party’s record of what I have to describe as craven indulgence towards Apartheid’s rulers.” “But it really does stick in the craw when […]

First up, high-profile UKIP activist Alexandra Swann, whose speech to their 2012 Spring conference was introduced by Nigel Farage. Supplementing her own crap with re-tweets calling Mandela a “terrorist”, Scrapbook supposes she would be happier in the 1980s Federation of Conservative Students wearing a “Hang Nelson Mandela” T-shirt: This is how she reacted to Barack Obama’s tribute: […]

Nelson Mandela’s words on the 90th birthday of his ANC colleague Walter Sisulu: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” RIP.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson has compared his history of violence with Nelson Mandela’s struggle for freedom in South Africa. Challenged by Scrapbook over his own convictions after a prominent EDL activist was jailed for attempted arson of a mosque, Robinson suggested the Nobel Peace Prize laureate had a “far worse” record than he did: The message follows on […]

The Conservative Association which caused outrage by burning an effigy of Barack Obama have previously torched a likeness of Nelson Mandela on numerous occasions and toasted Apartheid at their annual dinners. The group at St Andrews University have been excoriated for the racial insensitivities of the stunt — but the burning of Mandela, which occurred most recently in 2005, […]