Questions from UKIP’s finance and remuneration committee to Neil Hamilton regarding expense claims submitted to the party have been leaked to Michael Crick. Items under scrutiny include: Mileage claims Claims for lunches Claim for staying at his wife’s flat in London, rather than at his home Claiming VAT on his salary without seeking permission from […]

With the Conservatives almost certain to lose the Rochester and Strood by-election to UKIP on Thursday, further misery could be in store for David Cameron — with bookies claiming that he should expect another defection from his own benches by Christmas. Ladbrokes book on ‘any Further Tory MP to defect before Dec 25th’ gives the prospect as odds-on at […]

BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire political editor Tim Iredale (@iredalepolitics) interviews UKIP’s head of fruitcakes candidates, David Soutter, on what is increasingly looking like a stitch-up to prevent their own deputy chairman Neil Hamilton being selected for their #2 target seat: TI: Why can’t you tell us who the candidate is? DS: Because that’s part of the […]

UPDATE: As Scrapbook suspected, BBC Look North confirmed last night that the whole process has been referred to the NEC — the same NEC that defenestrated their own candidate in Clacton for Douglas Carswell. UKIP have literally held their selection meeting for Boston and Skegness — deemed by academics Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford to be the […]

Brown envelope-loving Neil Hamilton reckons he’s a “dead cert to be selected” for one of UKIP’s top Westminster targets, a senior UKIP official has told Michael Crick. The corrupt ex-MP has been eyeing up Boston and Skegness — even before sitting Tory Mark Simmonds quit as the foreign office’s Africa minister yesterday. On an “extensive” visit to the constituency last month […]

Defence minister Gerald Howarth may have winced at the revelation he met disgraced “adviser” Adam Werritty both socially and in an official capacity at the suggestion of Liam Fox. This is, however, probably one of the lesser embarrassments in his diary. Lest we forget, Howarth is best chums with corrupt sleazebag Neil Hamilton. Indeed, the minister for international security […]

A council candidate has died tragically after a day spent campaigning. Neil Hamilton was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Westerhope Ward on Newcastle City Council, trying to regain the seat he lost last year. The sad death could be of the utmost political significance. With the Liberals defending a slim majority of just three seats, overall control of […]