Hypocrite Tory leads the charge to demonise claimants But ignores questions about his own family’s claims Pocketed £6,000 expenses to heat stable on estate Stand-in Newsnight anchor Victoria Derbyshire turned the tables on a Tory MP behind the demonisation of welfare claimants — by asking him about his own family’s struggles while on benefits. Nadhim Zahawi — now […]

Last month Scrapbook reported on the new Tory MP for Stratford-on-Avon, who claimed on his website during the election and since to have “raised £56 million for Kurdish refugees”. Nadhim Zahawi has subsequently had his first outing on Private Eye’s HP Sauce column, which details his close links to disgraced peer Jeffrey Archer including involvement with the controversial […]

In the heady atmosphere of the election campaign it seemed Tory candidates were queueing up to bask in the reflected glory of a “charidee”. From Joanne Cash’s Step Up programme (not a charity at all) to Shaun Bailey’s My Generation (where to start?!), a grassroots-style community initiative seemed an essential accessory for any New Tory. Nadhim Zahawi […]