The full MP expenses for 2014/15 are out. This year IPSA has included a list of MPs who have run up bad debts to the taxpayer through over-claimed/ineligible expense claims — including via publicly-funded corporate Barclaycards. They have all been contacted several times — but have refused to pay it back.

The noose could be tightening around the neck of Tory housing minister Brandon Lewis, who has claimed £37,000 in expenses to fund “parliamentary associated assistance” provided by a consultant who lives near Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands — 400 miles from his constituency. Through an entity trading as Papagenos Campaign Consultancy, Lewis’ election agent Andrew Baxter has been receiving payments from the taxpayer […]

Wannabe Tory leader Adam Afriyie has claimed it is “impossible” to raise a family on £67,000 — suggesting instead that MPs should not be given a salary and audited expenses but an “allowance” of up to £225,000 to spend however they want. In an interview with Chat Politics, the Windsor MP — a multimillionaire through technology […]

Iain Duncan Smith has slammed Ed Balls for suggesting tradesmen should supply a receipt when accepting cash payments: “Here we have a man that would be the Chancellor who is wandering around saying Big Brother is going to watch you carefully that if you do any tax transactions and don’t keep receipts, somehow they’re going to […]

Former red top editor Rebekah Brooks would regularly turn the air blue with newsroom rants at staff, a court has heard. On trial for an alleged conspiracy to pay public officials for stories, former Sun journalist Chris Pharo claimed that Brooks had … … ranted to a reporter whose proposals for stories she was unhappy with — before […]

Having already reached a financial settlement, including legal costs, with the vulnerable constituent with whom he pursued a sexual relationship, disgraced Mike Hancock could yet be handed another bill — for £150,000. The figure is the rumoured cost of investigations into his conduct by Portsmouth City Council, for which he was a councillor until defenestrated […]