With former cabinet minister Alastair Carmichael fighting an election court case and standards watchdog inquiry after he lied about attempts to damage Nicola Sturgeon with dodgy leaked memo, the SNP have been positively salivating at the prospect of the Lib Dems’ last MP in Scotland being a guinea pig for the Recall of MPs Act:

Who says MPs are out of touch, eh? Here’s a graph comparing results from two surveys: the proportion of MPs who think they are trusted by their constituents — versus the proportion of the general public who trust their MP to represent them in parliament: Well at least the mistrust is mutual. Nick Clegg’s so-called ‘Recall […]

Cracking a tame gag (VIDEO) as Black Rod entered the Commons prior to the Queen’s Speech, Dennis Skinner’s comedy powers looked to be fading today — as he was overshadowed by Nick Clegg. Flexing his satirical muscles, MPs smirked as it transpired the so-called ‘Recall Law’ Clegg is credited with inserting into the coalition’s programme wouldn’t actually allow their […]

In 2010 one might have assumed that a policy being in the Tory manifesto, the Lib Dem manifesto and the coalition agreement would mean it was destined for statute. What a foolish notion! Lo and behold, the proposal to give constituents the democratic power of recall over wayward MPs have now been ditched. And while Labour have been goading the Tories […]