Failed presidential hopeful Mitt Romney throwing some K-Pop shapes with British-born musician Alex Boye at a Mormon dating convention in Arizona. Mitt Romney dancing like your dad … just what you need to get you in the mood.

Since he was trounced by Barack Obama, Mitt Romney has had plenty of time to spend with his four homes spread across the US. But even this wasn’t enough, so he’s building his fifth — a 5,900 square feet mansion and his second property in Utah. And an examination of published plans by the Salt Lake Tribune has […]

Mitt Romney’s politicising of national disasters during the US presidential campaign has previously come in for significant criticism, but now it’s looking like he’s doing it again in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Whilst Barack Obama has been winning cross-party plaudits for his statesmanlike response, his Republican challenger has been left trying to catch up. […]

Rock star Meat Loaf appeared at the opening of Mitt Romney’s Ohio rally giving a bizarre weather report on political relations around the world — before an out-of-tune performance of America the Beautiful. “There has [sic] storm clouds come over the United States. There is [sic] thunder storms over Europe. There are hail storms – […]

After an unexpectedly poor showing in a debate two weeks ago, Obama took his gloves office to deliver Mitt Romney a pounding in last night’s head-to-head in Hempstead, New York. Mike Smithson of Political Betting tracked the numbers: Romney Betfair price down by 4% over six hours – new chart… — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) […]