Number 10 may come under pressure to account for their arrangements with an adviser to David Cameron — who reportedly persuaded counterparts in Washington DC to adopt an events scheme run by his lobbyist girlfriend. Former entertainment industry executive Mike Weatherley entered the Commons in 2010 pledging to be “a parliamentary champion of film and music”. He won’t have disappointed his former bosses, setting up […]

With 36 year-old Tory Chris Kelly quitting parliament after just one term, a parliamentary counterpart has observed he is among nine 2010 intake MPs to jump. While Kelly has declined to offer a reason — a lack of advancement in the Commons and a considerable salary boost on offer at his dad’s truck company, for which he was moonlighting while […]

Having campaigned against the practice since he was elected to parliament, Tory MP Mike Weatherley is the driving force behind laws which criminalised squatting — modestly naming the resulting legislation after himself. Weatherley certainly hasn’t minced his words on the issue, describing squatters as “political extremists” who are “very often extremely intimidating and violent”. So why does […]