The already threadbare reputation of Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps was further damaged today — with claims made to defend against initial questions over his honesty being exposed as utter bunkum. Grant Shapps’ lawyers’ letter to this website, 29 October 2014: “Our client has written business books under his pen name (Mr Green); but was studious in publishing his full name and biography […]

Excerpts from the most cringeworthy Grant Shapps website yet uncovered can tonight be exclusively re-published by Political Scrapbook. Promoting a get-rich-quick guide entitled ‘How To Become Stinking Filthy Rich Online’, the Tory chairman made a series of toe-curling boasts about his own wealth — while posing for pictures in his convertible sports car and private plane. Operating under his pseudonym Michael Green to […]

The Conservative Party are today refusing to comment on the legal status of Grant Shapps’ internet market operations — which may have seen the embattled party chairman trading as a US “corporation” without being anything of the kind. It is already known that the address listed for Shapps’ get-rich-quick schemes from 2002-2005 was a residential property in suburban Pennsylvania, USA. State authorities […]

With Tory chairman Grant Shapps reeling after being exposed as a serial liar over the ‘Michael Green’ affair, part of the defence advanced by party HQ this morning is that he misspoke — because he was actually in the process of winding up his company. But Scrapbook can reveal details of a second so-called ‘talking e-book’ published while Shapps was […]

Tory chairman Grant Shapps could be facing a truly existential threat to his political career — with the emergence of a recording in which he completely contradicts his repeated denials about working as an ‘internet marketer’ after entering parliament in 2005. In a podcast with ‘Michael Green’ obtained by The Guardian, Shapps states that the recording was […]

In a classic unforced error, Tory chairman Grant Shapps is spinning himself into a corner after threatening a constituent who referenced his controversial pseudonym ‘Michael Green’. Representatives of Shapps have since told Scrapbook that: “[Grant Shapps] has written business books under a pen name … but was studious in publishing his full name and biography alongside” Oh, yeah? […]