The row over Tory cronies in taxpayer-backed positions look set to intensify after it emerges the boss of the government’s coding education initiative cannot code — or even give a decent explanation of what is involved. Figures behind the scheme include Michael Gove, who is at the centre of the furore over Conservative placemen in Whitehall […]

With Michael Gove embroiled in a row after attempting to replace the chair of the schools inspectorate (and former Blair aide) Sally Morgan with a Tory stooge, Number 10 protests: “The decision not to reappoint her was [Gove’s] decision. This government appoints people on merit.” Nice line … but what a pity one of the Tories’ […]

Attorney General Dominic Grieve isn’t afraid to call out corruption when he sees it — even if it looks a bit racist and he ends up having to apologise: “[Minority communities] come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. We as politicians have to wake to up to it” “[Many immigrants] come from societies where they have […]

A councillor has been ordered to undergo equality training following racist comments about school inner-city school children. With Michael Gove backing plans by a Brixton school to transport students to a site in West Sussex on weekdays, Cllr John Cherry hit the headlines back in April after suggesting black and Pakistani students were lazy — and that […]

Beginning with the words “I was born homey”, perhaps its inevitable that TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp’s feature in the Observer yesterday would turn to the subject of hip hop: “I find Michael Gove very entertaining. The most fun I had recently at a dinner party was watching him get up and start gentleman rapping.” Scrapbook looks […]

Michael Gove writes in the Telegraph: “In the past 10 days the Prime Minister has been busy. As well as responding with maturity, proportion and resolution to the jihadist atrocity in Woolwich, he has been advancing on a broad front.” Surely he means “abroad front”?

References to a journalists’ children in an attack earlier in the week by @toryeducation shocked even seasoned observers of the Twitter account, which is thought to be operated by Michael Gove’s team: Perhaps team Gove should take their boss’ advice. Asked about the prospect of Nick Clegg’s kids going to private school last month, the secretary of […]