Michael Gove’s consigliere Dominic Cummings — dubbed ‘The Mekon’ by DfE staff owing to his apparent resemblance to the arch enemy of comic book hero Dan Dare — is back on quotable form with an assault on Number 10 splashing The Times (£). On David Cameron: “As Bismarck said about Napoleon III, Cameron is a sphinx without a riddle … Everyone is […]

While funding for a controversial anti-extremism body was explored by Newsnight as a proxy for tensions between Michael Gove and Theresa May last week, what has drawn less scrutiny is Gove’s role in securing a £120,000 bail out for a think tank whose advisory board he had sat on until he entered government. The Quilliam Foundation had its ‘preventing […]

Rivalry between Theresa May and Michael Gove has exploded into the open once again — with the pair bitterly briefing against each other on the issue of extremism in schools. With Gove attempting to outsource the blame for claims of Islamist entryism to the education system in Birmingham, May has hit back by releasing a letter with barbed questions […]

Readers may remember 28 year-old Conservative Tom Shinner, whose utterly farcical over-promotion to a £105,000 Whitehall director role by Michael Gove was highlighted by Scrapbook back in January. Shinner’s original toehold in the education bureaucracy (prior to catching the Gove gravy train) was as a director/governor of Greenwich Free School, whose recent inspection enables us to evaluate his performance and […]

It was perhaps inevitable that Michael Gove’s comments on the “preposterous” number of Old Etonians surrounding David Cameron — interpreted as a barb not only against Cameron but wannabe leader Boris Johnson — would make an appearance during the budget debate. While Cameron and Gove resort to embarrassed laughter, Osborne — whose leadership hopes were boosted […]

Scrapbook is enjoying the latest salvo in the unofficial Tory leadership contest. With Michael Gove playing down his prospects out in favour of George Osborne, the education secretary was given a “right royal bollocking” for highlighting the “preposterous” number of Etonians in David Cameron’s clique. Then Sayeeda Warsi goes on telly with this sign. Osborne was […]

A mischievous hacker has defaced the Department for Education website — with a news article ‘revealing’ that the education secretary plans to teach the nation’s children on his own: “EDUCATION MINISTER Michael Gove today unveiled new plans to single-handedly teach every child in the UK. “Gather around kids!” he said, while ushering every single British child […]

Michael Gove has appointed yet another Tory to a senior and supposedly impartial role in the education sector — by promoting his 28 year-old policy adviser to be his department’s £105,000-a-year director of strategy. Tom Shinner’s qualifications for the top civil service role include experience as a junior management consultant, setting up one of Gove’s beloved free […]