Having screwed the local dockyard in a city in which they had only just achieved a Westminster toehold, the Tories hit upon an excellent wheeze: create a ‘minister for Portsmouth’ to mollify the locals. But it’s all unravelling just ten months in — with Tory Matt Hancock accused of being ineffectual and his office of, errr, not knowing the […]

With opponents calling for him to be sacked, Tory minister Matt Hancock has apologised after Scrapbook highlighted a message on his Twitter timeline stating the Labour Party was “full of queers”: Amazed @matthancockmp sends vile tweet about "queers". Cameron shd sack him now. pic.twitter.com/wHptYH3HPH — Chris Bryant (@ChrisBryantMP) October 2, 2014 Previous RT was a total accident. […]

With fees for employment tribunals kicking in from today, only a Tory minister — Osborne sidekick Matt Hancock — could describe a £1,200 fee to bring an unfair dismissal or discrimination claim to a hearing as a “moderate charge”: @ChukaUmunna shows he’s in pocket of Union bosses & against job-creating small business by opposing moderate […]