The past twelve months (and prior) have seen several very popular blogs either shut down or change editorial hands. As the year draws to a close, what better opportunity to reflect on those bloggers “no longer with us”. Starring Iain Dale, Tom Harris, Derek Draper and others, we’ve finally completed our end-of-year video. This is our tribute […]

UPDATE 0:17 Despite containing some weapons-grade meeja b*llocks (the meaningless “inspiring knowledge, music and culture” anyone?) completing the beeb’s Strategy Review consultation on the cuts will hopefully be worthwhile. You can skip most of it but hang in there for questions 5 and 9. [topsy_retweet_big] Moving pre-emptively to avoid Cameron and Murdoch doing the surgery, […]

While steadfastly defending the Beeb’s decision to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time, director general Mark Thompson has told the Guardian that the BNP leader will be “challenged tenaciously” on the programme. David Dimbleby has been given the green light to raise issues such as holocaust denial. In other developments: 400 police will be on duty and […]