The Tories’ attempt to sue UKIP for the money wasted on ‘vote Mark Reckless’ election materials printed before he defected looks to have backfired, with ‘Kipper HQ using the action against as a pretext to raise money. His email to supporters: “You may have noticed that sadly, the [Christmas] spirit of goodwill has not permeated the Conservative Party, which says it […]

Just hours after Political Scrapbook published photos of UKIP posters in the windows of properties on a leaked BNP members list comes this, courtesy of Britain First (now with a scary 580,000 followers on Facebook): “Our aim in this election was to gain attention and to bolster the UKIP campaign. On both counts, it seems we were successful. Good luck […]

With UKIP defector Mark Reckless’ comments on forced repatriation, it is perhaps less surprising that he has already received a public endorsement from the leader of the country’s fastest growing far-right movement, Britain First. Addressing a rally through a megaphone, Paul Golding claimed he would “have the last laugh” when the “patriotic right-wing MP” Reckless was elected. And […]

A fun day out was had by all at the Rochester and Strood Conservative Association annual summer garden party at the weekend. Here one attendee is pictured beaming alongside local MP Mark ‘I was too drunk to vote on the budget’ Reckless. This certainly isn’t the first time that the woman in question has been pictured with […]

With GCSE results day coming on 22 August, Tory MP Mark Reckless thought he’d get in there early with a jibe at a claimed ‘pregnant teenager’: Reckless has little room to sneer at teenage girls — or anyone else for that matter. The Rochester and Strood MP was so drunk during Osborne’s 2010 austerity Finance Bill […]

It appears Mark Reckless was too drunk – even by the standards of a very boozy Commons chamber – to join the “well refreshed ejaculations” (© Stephen Pound 2010) of his Conservative colleagues at Tuesday’s late night Finance Bill sitting. It is rumoured he fell asleep on the terrace.