A Tory MP defending a majority of just 1,149 is sending out leaflets with Maria Miller in them — days after she resigned in disgrace over expenses abuse, having become byword for political greed and arrogance in the minds of the general public. Campaigners for Plymouth MP Oliver Colvile were spotted delivering a leaflet with him pictured alongside […]

Six days after David Cameron offered expense abuser Maria Miller his “warm support”, the culture secretary has quit. Her approach to the investigations, the insincerity of her Commons apology were probably more damaging than the fact of her original overclaims — so at least her resignation letter doesn’t try to blame the press for hounding her out because […]

Miller given “warm support” from Cameron after  £5,800 overclaim As minister for disabled people Miller was silent on ‘scroungers’ rhetoric from colleagues Abuse is more than 100 times value of benefit fraud per claimant UPDATE: Given the independent parliamentary commissioner for standards originally recommended she repay £45,000 (this was overruled by a committee of MPs) […]

DCMS secretary Maria Miller is coming under pressure to drop the government’s disastrous attempt to drag blogs into the post-Leveson regulator. After an intense 48 hours of lobbying from bloggers, two peers have now tabled amendments which restrict the meaning of “relevant publisher”. An amendment from Labour peer Wilf Stevenson would exclude non-profits and “small” publishers […]

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights has slammed the DWP over changes to disability benefits, saying Iain Duncan Smith’s department broke the law with a botched consultation after trying to cover up negative responses from the public. In a letter to disability minister Maria Miller (below), the Committee backs the Spartacus report, produced by disability […]