A controversial speech in which former Aussie PM Tony Abbott urged the UK to use “force” against migrants during the refugee crisis was the keynote address at an event designed to raise £350,000 to eulogise Margaret Thatcher, according to material for sponsors seen by Scrapbook.

The ageing but ever quotable rocker Noel Gallagher … On Nigel Farage: He doesn’t look like he could be mentally capable of running a corner shop, far less a fucking country. On the Tories: David Cameron, he’s trying to be your mate. “Oh, I really like The Jam.” Thatcher was just like, “I’m fucking you […]

Hidden in a the quarterly magazine of right-wing Tory group Conservative Way Forward, Scrapbook can only assume that the following didn’t form part of the Margaret Thatcher Centre’s application for charity status, approved last week. “Popular culture, powered by the BBC and over-mighty teaching unions, has portrayed Lady Thatcher as a mean, cynical and even evil figure […]

With the Conservative Party Summer Ball taking place last night it was perhaps inevitable that Thatcher-signed champagne auctioned for £45,000 would get a mention at Business Questions. The response from jeering Tory MPs? “That’s cheap!” Having voted to freeze prices on their taxpayer-subsidised bars, however, MPs needn’t attend a summer ball to get their hands on discounted […]

With details of the Conservatives’ attempts to distribute party propaganda in schools emerging at the weekend, Scrapbook has managed to get hold of a copy of the ‘Citizenship & Democracy’ pack, which is embedded below. The full document is even worse than it appeared in the Independent on Sunday, with pages and pages of blatantly party political material. […]

The “emotional” Thatcher tribute screened at the start of Tory conference is bulging at the seams with exactly the kind of dinosaurs (Lord Young, Michael Howard), Thatcher obsessives (Conor Burns, John Whittingdale) and headbangers (Priti Patel) that have given Cameroons sleepless nights. And while the sound bites were on message for grassroots members (average age 68), the star […]