Labour grandee Peter Mandelson famously remarked that he was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich as long as they pay their taxes”. But the peer took to Newsnight to claim that one proposed levy — namely Ed Balls’ Mansion Tax — would amount to “clobbering people”: “We don’t have an efficient system of taxing property in Britain. I don’t happen to […]

In a tactic redolent of craftily designed fake legal notices from the likes of Wonga, the Conservative Party has resorted to sending out letters designed to look like genuine local authority communications in a bid to scaremonger local residents about the Mansion Tax. The letter, which is hitting doorsteps in Hampstead and Kilburn, arrives in a personally-addressed windowed envelope emblazoned with ‘Mansion Tax […]

Those with properties on the £2m threshold of Labour’s proposed Mansion Tax, a measure slammed by the Tories and a centrepiece of their campaigning, will be hit with a £53,750 increase in stamp duty, documents for George Osborne’s autumn statement have revealed. This figure is equivalent to, errr, 18 years of Mansion Tax payments. The move is utterly brazen in […]

What’s currently hitting doormats in some of the poshest postcodes in London: a Tory donation drive off the back of the Mansion Tax, accompanied by a letter from Boris Johnson — who himself owns an Islington town house worth at least £2.5 million. The Conservatives claim that many of those charged will be ‘asset rich, cash poor’ […]

The appearance of Myleene Klass alongside Ed Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda has the right-wing media pretending that shouting in the Labour leader’s face about ‘fiscal drag’ and ‘taxing glasses of water’ counts as embarrassing for anyone other than the pampered pop singer/TV presenter: Chief amongst Klass’ gripes was mansion tax. Apparently spending £2 million […]

Never mind the 600,000 extra children living in absolute poverty since the Coalition came to power, has anyone considered how the hard-pressed residents of NW3 will cope if a Mansion Tax is imposed by Ed Balls? Former senior medical adviser to the Foreign Office Dr Harald Lipman lives on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Hampstead — where a pied-à-terre will […]