Forgive Scrapbook’s healthy interest obsession with all things Morris/Iannucci but press coverage of that “dead story from four years ago” (© Tory Bear 2010) reminds this blogger of the following scene from The Thick Of It: Malcom Tucker: I am not the story here. Jamie McDonald: No, you kind of are the story. They spelt your name […]

Malcolm and company are not impressed as the BBC director general Mark Thompson twists in the wind on Newsnight: Save BBC 6 Music! Complain via Auntie’s consultation: [email protected] Join the Facebook group (and invite your friends) Write to your MP Hat-tip: Media Monkey* *Take note, Grauniad. Bloggers credit each other, capiche?

Scrapbook has better things to do at 10:10pm on a Saturday evening but was still excited to settle down to watch the opening salvo of new The Thick Of It on iPlayer yesterday. It’s also available in high definition (swoon). Without spoiling things, Malcolm Tucker welcomes the latest lamb to the slaughter DoSAC minister – […]