While funding for a controversial anti-extremism body was explored by Newsnight as a proxy for tensions between Michael Gove and Theresa May last week, what has drawn less scrutiny is Gove’s role in securing a £120,000 bail out for a think tank whose advisory board he had sat on until he entered government. The Quilliam Foundation had its ‘preventing […]

Quilliam denied claims they would pay ex-EDL leader But emails reveal they planned taxpayer-funded bung FOI exposes begging letters to Eric Pickles’ department Having brokered Tommy Robinson’s exit from the EDL, the anti-Islamist Quilliam Foundation faced accusations that the link-up was motivated by their less-than-great financial position. Indeed, Maajid Nawaz is rumoured to have approached at least one other […]

With former EDL leader Tommy Robinson currently banged up for mortgage fraud, connoisseurs of goonish far-right behaviour are having to sate themselves with the antics of Robinson’s EDL sidekick Kevin Carroll. Carroll sat alongside Robinson (and Quilliam Foundation executive director Maajid Nawaz) at the press conference heralding their exit from the EDL — and their rejection of violence […]

Yesterday Scrapbook published figures which show that government funding for the Quilliam Foundation — the anti-extremism body linked to former EDL leader Tommy Robinson — has now fallen off a cliff. But they nevertheless received some £186,000 from the Home Office after April 2010. So why did Quilliam chairman Maajid Nawaz claim on Twitter last month that their […]

Anti-extremism group The Quilliam Foundation has denied suggestions it was threatened with closure before making the high stakes gamble of jumping into bed with convicted thug and fraudster Tommy Robinson. Speaking to Scrapbook, a spokesman for the organisation also refuted claims its financial circumstances had forced it to explore the possibility of a merger with other organisations. While […]