Two new tax havens can be added to those already linked to Lynton Crosby’s business interests, according to documents obtained by Political Scrapbook. Private banks in Guernsey and Jersey were used to incorporate two Maltese entities — Rutland Holdings and Rutland Ltd — in which Crosby and his business associates are shareholders and directors.

As perhaps the world’s most notorious practitioner of dog whistle race baiting, a party conference fringe event on Islamophobia might be the last place you would expect to find Lynton Crosby. But that is exactly where Cameron’s election guru spoke from the platform yesterday, apparently without irony, challenging Tory candidates to work with Muslim communities in their constituencies […]

David Cameron has displayed either skilful brinkmanship or a way with weasel words, depending on your point of view, in evading the question of the government’s interaction with tobacco-lobbyist-cum-Tory-spinmeister Lynton Crosby on plain cigarette packs. The revelation, in this weekend’s Observer, that Crosby had lobbied Lord Marland by email on 1 November 2012 has had critics […]

With Channel 4 News revealing that staff of controversial spin doctor Lynton Crosby had deleted criticism from his Wikipedia page, it’s worth having a look at exactly what: On 9 December 2012 references to Crosby’s dog-whistling tactics were removed: In the 2005 British general election, in what Robert E. Goodin calls “the classic case” of dog-whistling, […]

A side-note on Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation has been Tory jitters over the electoral impact of their weak Gaza stance. The Times (£) quotes an anonymous minister: “Cameron has just blown us the election” This will lose us nearly all our ethnic support in the north and in seats like Luton.” But there’s no need to worry, according […]

David Cameron’s controversial guru Lynton Crosby plans to ignore black and Asian voters in his election planning — despite polls showing a significant proportion of minorities believe the Conservatives are hostile to them. The FT reports: Conservative insiders say Mr Crosby is concerned that trying to appeal to black and minority ethnic voters “muddies the message” The […]

Britain’s top civil servant has “reminded” Downing Street staff about security procedures after David Cameron’s director of communications was caught sneaking the Tories’ £500,000 election adviser Lynton Crosby into the back entrance of Number 10, Scrapbook can reveal. The letter from Sir Jeremy Heywood to Labour MP Sheila Gilmore will be seen as a censure for Craig Oliver, […]

A libel case in Australia could see David Cameron’s controversial adviser Lynton Crosby officially branded a hypocrite. Crosby and his business partner Mark Textor — who hit the headlines last month for a racially-charged comment about an Asian politician — are suing a former Aussie MP for accusing them of “push polling”. Mustachioed Mike Kelly […]

A pollster signed to the Conservative Party in a £500,000 deal has been forced to apologise for claiming an Indonesian politician “looks like a 1970’s Pilipino [sic] porn star”. Mark Textor — sidekick of David Cameron’s controversial adviser Lynton Crosby — levelled the comment at Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa during a row over spying: An […]

David Cameron’s adviser Lynton Crosby has been accused of exploiting weaknesses in transparency legislation to keep his Australian lobbying secret — with the same loophole featuring in the British Lobbying Bill. As Scrapbook reported earlier this month, Crosby is cashing in on his connections to the new right-wing government in his native Australia — with no less […]