The so-called ‘short campaign’ is a major test for Part 2 of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act — AKA the gagging law — which brought in an onerous compliance regime and spending limits for the activities of charities and campaign groups. The message: if you’re not a political party then STFU.

It must be Friday: Sky have published their top-10 “hottest MPs” based on polling from the previous four years (alas without pictures). Burnham and Flint fly the flag for Labour but the eleven finalists (including tied placed) include six Tories and three Lib Dems. A former council leader’s description of John Prescott as “divinely sexy” impressed […]

Last year the Liberal Democrat frontbencher Jenny Willot had the cheek to claim that “Labour are failing on ethnic minority employment”. Perhaps the so-called ‘real opposition’ should start by employing some ethnic minorities on their own green benches? As Iain Dale blogged yesterday, Liberal Democrats do not have a single MP (or MEP for that matter) from […]