While Tories and their neo-McCarthyite cheerleaders would have us believe that all union-backed candidates are imposed by a machine against the wishes of activists, they conveniently forget the Conservatives’ own policy of forcing candidates such as Louise Mensch (then Bagshawe) and Adam Rickitts, pictured above, on local associations. From 2006, Tories in target seats were obligated to select their candidates from a […]

Presenting Louise Mensch, columnist for the Sunday Sun: The idea that Mr. Murdoch should reappear before the CMS committee is hysterical nonsense. The tape does him credit, in fact. — Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch) July 4, 2013   Defending Murdoch for saying that phone hacking was “next to nothing”, Corby’s leading expatriot is certainly fulfilling the […]

Nearly a year after Scrapbook challenged Luke Bozier’s somewhat dubious CV claims, yesterday’s Sunday Times showed the penny may finally be dropping when it comes to the “senior Blairite adviser”. In a break with the media’s previous lack of curiosity regarding the claimed Blair links of Bozier, who was recently arrested over child porn allegations, the paper reported: “The Sunday Times has […]

Luke Bozier has been arrested on suspicion of viewing or possessing indecent images of children after being reported to the police by his business partner, former Tory MP Louise Mensch. . @kernelmag saw this story yesterday with great shock and sadness and immediately filed a report with the police. He resigned from company. — Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch) December 7, […]

After jetting off to New York and leaving Cameron with an embarrassing by-election disaster, former Corby MP Louise Mensch has been trying to rewrite history on her quixotic Westminster ambitions, telling Newsnight on Friday: “Contrary to massive public rumour, I have never wanted to be a minister” In an interview to accompany a glossy photo shoot for the February edition […]

Just when you thought Louise Mensch had expended her not inconsiderable reserves of hypocrisy, it turns out she has more in the tank. Having abandoned her constituents while she emigrates to America, Mensch has attacked Nadine Dorries for doing the same to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Eschewing her own doomed social media site, Mensch […]

Despite Louise Mensch — supposedly the MP for Corby — seeming more interested in (a) forming her own social media startup and (b) arguing with Scrapbook on Twitter, her announcement this morning that she will quit still comes as something of a shock. Mensch will be moving to the somewhat more salubrious environs of New York […]