Recess has plucked David Cameron from the House of Commons — but the bullying figure of Harry Paget Flashman from Tom Brown’s Schooldays still stalks the Tory benches. The video above captures the moment when the Tories’ leader in the Lords, Tom Strathclyde, snaps with an opposition member (zoom to 1m06s). Distinguished peer Lord Barnett — who […]

Though Conservative coffers were swelled with donations of £2,744,618 in the third quarter of this year, party grandees still seem determined to open up new fronts when it comes to fundraising. Labour Lord Toby Harris reports that a top Tory even attempted to tap him up in relation to election campaign funds. Having received an answerphone message […]

Scrapbook was most amused to see unfaithful peer Lord Strathclyde — whose extra-marital Ugandan discussions were exposed by the Sunday Mirror — cast as the “Walrus of Love” Barry White last night. This Week set slow motion footage of The Tories’ leader in the Lords to White’s I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby. Strathclyde is rumoured to be […]

There have been some engrossing accounts of the last 48 hour’s internecine warfare in Westminster North from Iain Martin and Paul Waugh. The detail that jumped out at Scrapbook, however, was this from Andy McSmith at the Independent: The sense of crisis was heightened by the appearance of two members of the Shadow Cabinet: the […]

Speculation was rife last night that the pregnancy of Tory Joanne Cash was a factor in her being “forced out” as Conservative candidate in the crucial target seat of Westminster North. Reading the following excerpt from a Times article, however, is it surprising yesterday’s crisis meeting was attended by both Eric Pickles and Lord Strathclyde? Another one […]