As widely noted, a key section of Lord Oakeshott’s resignation statement drops Vince Cable in it by revealing that he had known about a secret poll of Clegg’s constituency for “several weeks” — despite describing such practices as “utterly reprehensible”: “Several months ago a close colleague, concerned about voting intentions in Twickenham, asked me if I would arrange and […]

With Lord Oakeshott quitting the Lib Dems in the wake of his role in a botched coup against Nick Clegg, perhaps it’s worth recapping Saint Vince Cable’s repeated claims that he has nothing to do with his friend’s guerilla agitation: Cable denies Oakeshott (September 2012): “I don’t give any time to these personal criticisms of Nick Clegg which […]

With his long standing interest in exotic islands (manifest recently in a bizarre series of parliamentary questions) Lord Ashcroft may have seemed a natural fit as the government’s senior adviser to a review of Britain’s military presence in Cyprus. But it seems the Liberal Democrats still require some persuasion. The quotable Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay […]