A millionaire government minister (the one who tried to blame charities for a rise in food bank use) put his foot in it yesterday — by using the term ‘Bedroom Tax’ instead of the usual Orwellian euphemisms. Rather than using the government-approved phrases  ‘under occupancy charge’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ Lord Freud told peers yesterday: […]

With Iain Duncan Smith’s reputation in tatters over the botched delivery of his flagship Universal Credit policy, his shameless millionaire DWP minister Lord Freud — the man who tried to blame food bank queues on charities — has advanced the most fantastic excuse yet for their failure: “Frankly, why should we hurry with the most vulnerable? My own […]

The Archbishop of Canterbury has publicly questioned claims by a Tory minister that charities are somehow to blame for increased in food bank use. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Justin Welby said that 35% of referrals to church-run food banks came from social services, who had assessed users as in need of emergency food aid. […]

Millionaire Tory minister Lord Freud was bashed by the Bishop (of Truro) this afternoon after attempts yesterday to suggest that charities were somehow to blame for food bank queues. As an unelected “Lord Spiritual”, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton may be a walking anachronism but this didn’t stop him from getting to grips with Freud’s outrageous claims: […]

Iain Duncan Smith’s department has been caught with its pants down on statistics yet again. DWP minister Baron Freud – grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud – was forced to issue a “correction” after inflating predictions of private-sector affordable housing in London by a whopping 200%. Estimates of affordable homes available in the wake of reforms to housing […]