Scrapbook cannot but marvel at the brazen cheek of Lord Ashcroft – who only domiciled himself in the UK for tax purposes in July – in tabling the following parliamentary question: To Ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they expect citizens to organise their tax affairs in order to maximise tax payable. Ashcroft spent ten years dodging HMRC […]

Beau Bo D’Or shows once again why he/she/they are one of the best things on the political blogosphere: Forget Osborne, sounds like Hague could do with some low voice training! Hat-tip: LabourList UPDATE 14:38 More hilarity (in the usual poster form) from the same source:

UPDATE 22:04 More dirt: he’s now been accused of “systematic tax avoidance”. It’s on Sky News too! Much kudos to James Cowley and Chris Paul, who have dug up this David Cameron/Andrew Marr exchange from 2007: ANDREW MARR: What about Lord Ashcroft? Because it was promised by the former party leader, William Hague, and indeed by Lord […]

Conservative sighs of relief as their deputy chairman’s donations are ruled “legal and permissible” will be premature as the Tories have sustained a double blow on Ashcroft in the last hour. Not only will the peer be hauled before the Public Affairs Select Committee (chaired by the incisive Tony Wright) but Cathy Newman’s revelation that Cameron only knew of Ashcroft’s non-dom status […]

[FULL TEXT OF TIMES ARTICLE BELOW] What does Michael Gove (the 2010 Tory front bencher) really think about Lord Ashcroft?  To find out, why don’t we ask Michael Gove (the 2000 Times leader writer)! This is precisely what Kirsty Wark did last night as she ambushed the shadow schools secretary with his column of 4 April 2000: […]

You didn’t seriously think that the sale of the so-called “Bloomberg for politics” to Tory deputy-chairman Lord Ashcroft would stop lefties from using it, did you? Scrapbook has been distracted by muckraking recently so please forgive any delay in noticing that PoliticsHome has been given a major dose of bling. Real PH addicts may possibly have noticed the occasional […]

So Tory tax dodger Lord Ashcroft has added ConservativeHome and PoliticsHome to his political publishing stable which already includes Total Politics magazine, edited by Iain Dale. He’s throwing hundred of thousands of pounds around. But what is his wider strategy? Stay tuned tomorrow.